Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Yesterday was All Saints' Day and a holiday in Bavaria. Therefore a photo of St. Rochus Cemetery.
The cemetery was created in late 1510s to bury the victims of the plague epedemic of 1517-18. To avoid spreading the disease, city authorities decided to build the cemetery at some distance from the city, so St. Rochus is located outside the old city wall, in the Gostenhof quarter.

Weil gestern Allerheiligen war, gibt es ein Bild vom Rochusfriedhof in Gostenhof.


  1. And today is All Souls so this is still appropriate. Interesting to see how cemeteries differ from country to country.

  2. It looks more closely packed than most here. Good to see it full of fresh flowers and not overgrown like some here.